Change of Schedule


In September we will be stopping our Wednesday class at Kinsmen Centre and starting a Tuesday night class at Newton school. Next week, August 27 will be our last Wednesday class at Kinsmen Centre. We will still continue our Friday class at Kinsmen Centre at the regular time. Our last Wednesday class will be August 27. Friday classes will continue unchanged.

The Tuesday class will start on September 9th at the Newton school gymnasium. The class will start at 6:30pm and end at 8:45. Tuesday classes will run here until the end of June 2015.

Our last class prior to Christmas will be Friday December 19th, and we will resume training Friday January 9th.

Summer Seminars


Hello Everyone, We will be having two kenjutsu seminars this summer. The first will be on Sunday, July 6th and will be a beginner level seminar. The cost will be 65$. This seminar will be a great opportunity to expose interested friends to kenjutsu while being a good review for those who have already been training. Our goal is to have 30 attendees, including our own students. Please let us know if you are attending so we can keep track.

The second seminar will be on August 2nd and 3rd (the Saturday and Sunday) and will be a more advanced seminar for those who have already trained kenjutsu. It will cover in depth theory of classical shinai kata and iaijutsu movement. The cost for this will be 120$, and our goal as well is to have 30 attendees. As with the first seminar, please let us know ASAP if you are planning on attending.




Noble House will be having a grading on Saturday, January 18. The grading will start at 10:30am. Those grading, and all other students should arrive by 10:00am to prepare everything for the grading. For those who haven't been to one, gradings are something that all students should make every effort to attend whether they are testing or not. It is important to support, and help those that are testing, as well as to witness it. Students who are interested in grading should submit their names to David.

Schedule Update

Starting at the beginning of October, our training schedule will be Wednesday and Friday evening, with no Monday class. For students who have Monday as their regular training day, please talk to Andrew about switching to another class. This will be in effect starting the first Monday of October, the 1st.
As well, since the reeds have dried up and are not suitable for cutting, we cannot test cut in class again until next summer. Students should show up at the regular time for

class on Friday, and no longer need to arrive at the earlier time to tie bundles.