As Autumn Comes

As autumn comes, that beautiful golden and red color reminds me of a time when I visited my sensei’s dojo. Normally, October is not my training season, but that year I accompanied my mother to an ikebana conference in Tokyo. So, I had a chance to visit my sensei again. The Dojo was the same: clean, quiet, everything in order. But I see that the garden is a bit different. The trees only have a few yellow leaves on them. That maple tree, I remember it was full of leaves in the summer and now only has a few red leaves. It is still beautiful, just different. It gives me a chance to see what those branches are really like. But I was hoping to see it in full autumn color! As I was day dreaming and watching the sunlight go between those tree branches, I heard Sensei say "You should have come a few days early kid. Don’t you remember that one of the classical poems said: ‘If it is time to pick the flowers, you should pick them. Don't wait another day, you may miss your chance!’ It was full of color

a few days ago. The leaves are still here, just on the ground! But it is good you are here now, you can clean up the leaves!"

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