2014 Kurimoto Gardens

kurimoto garden

We are currently planning our performance for this years Kurimoto Japanese Garden Spring Festival in Devon for the annual festival. The date is Sunday June 1st, 2014. Once again, we will be displaying some of the swords and other antiques owned by some of our members. To have the best performance possible, any students intending on performing need to attend class on a regular basis, and keep up on their training. If you are not coming to class regularily and would like to be apart of our performance/sword display please contact Mark asap.

Typically we arrive at the gardens around 10:00ish and we finish the performance around 1pm. The festival runs from 11am - 4pm.

We will be working out a schedule for the performance shortly and will be sending out more information soon. Please check your personal schedules and make the necessary arrangements if you plan to attend the