Kenjutsu is the art of Classical Japanese Swordsmanship.

Noble House Kenjutsu Dojo of Edmonton teaches the style of kenjutsu. The literal translation of is "heart reflection style," and implies reading an opponent's intentions. This particular style was handed down 450 years ago from the founder, . In our dojo, we teach both traditional kenjutsu and iaijutsu.
Today, of Noble House Kenjutsu Dojo is an art dedicated to not only the preservation of peace and charity within the community and the world, but also to the preservation of classical Japanese sword arts. Our Dojo training is formal with an emphasis on a classical sword technique - precision, theory, and safety. Over the years, Noble House has performed for Japanese Governor visits, at special events such as the premiere opening of the Warner Brothers Movie The Last Samurai, and at public performances with a focus on charitable causes.

Students are expected to come to classes with a strong desire to learn. Interested students should first observe a class session.


Classes are held at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton Friday evening. and St. Basil School at 10210 115 Ave on Wednesday evening. To observe a class, please arrive no later than 8:00pm and be prepared to stay for the entire class. Class cancellations will be posted on this website.