Student Impression of Noble House Kenjutsu Dojo

I have been studying Kenjutsu for over 15 years now. What originally drew me to it was a fascination with classic Japanese arts. To be able to study an art who’s foundations were laid down over 500 years ago is a rare opportunity. To be able to do this in Edmonton, is almost unheard of.

My training has allowed me to push my mental and physical limits. It allows me to focus solely on the task at hand in class and put the rest of the world on hold for 2 hours. When I return to the rest of the world, I often find that being able to step away from the stresses that occur in everyday life, has given me a better perspective on how to confront them. What I learn in class has also helped me deal with every day situations. Just as Miyamoto Musashi’s famous writing, ” A Book of Five Rings’ has been applied to every day situations, so to does the theories laid out in our curriculum have modern day relevance. Swordsmanship and the pursuit of its mastery has greatly improved my quality of life. I cannot imagine it not being an ever present asset in my life.