Student Impression of Noble House Kenjutsu Dojo

The lessons I have gained over my years of training with Noble House Kenjutsu have been invaluable. I am not sure I can actually express how important the school and its instruction has been to my life. The values and skills that the school has instilled in me have help me be more successful.

Both my professional life and my personal life, have been in no little part, been thanks to Noble House Kenjutsu. While I was getting my design diploma and I had an assignment due the next day, all I would want to do was stop and allow my self to do a job that was "good enough". At those times I would ask myself if Sensei would quit. I would ask myself if a warrior would stop. And the answer was always that I had to move forward. If I had a choice of doing "good enough" or doing the job to the best of my ability, I would “make every cut be like my last” and make sure that if this was the last thing I was remembered for that I would be remembered well.

With this perseverance I graduated in the top of my class, and as such I was employed almost instantly out of school. I now live and work as a Marketing and Graphic Artist in Montreal, and none of these things could have happened if I had never joined Noble House Kenjutsu.