Student Impression of Noble House Kenjutsu Dojo

I discovered Noble House kenjutsu is the spring of 2002. As a long time martial artist and a new arrival to Edmonton I was looking for a dojo to join and was lucky enough to find Noble house Kenjutsu. Noble House is a koyru dojo and that alone is an increasing rare thing in the world but to find it in Edmonton is truly rare. A koyru dojo is different from other dojos in some respects including the scope of things practiced. In the old days martial artists were expected to not only focus on their martial training but were also encouraged to learn calligraphy, flower arranging and to study classic pieces of literature and poetry. The reason was to not only have a strong warrior capable of defending his lord but also a balanced individual able of critical thinking and have an appreciation of the arts. This was important to create balance in the martial artist’s life and to take aspects from their daily training and apply them to their daily life. Noble House maintains these principles to not only train students in classic kenjutsu but to also teach them calligraphy and flower arranging.

For me these things are very important and have contributed greatly to my life. By training with Noble House over the last 12 years I have used lessons taught in the dojo and have continued to use them in my every day life. The discipline and focus that is takes to reach a high level in not only kenjutsu but calligraphy and flower arranging has helped me greatly in school, while I was completing me bachelor’s degree, and also in the workplace. With a new found interest and respect for Japanese arts has also taken me to Japan to study them further and has allowed me to meet and maintain contacts with some truly kind and amazing people. It is thanks to Noble House preserving these old principles that I have been able to accomplish as much as I have and for it I am truly grateful.